Edward 40mask stands to replace the classic drinking game Edward 40hands due to convenience and efficiency


With drinking being the only way to pass time, many WPI students have adapted to the safety protocols in place due to the pandemic. Drinking games used to be one of the only ways to socialize with that weird kid from your physics lecture. Thanks to the creativity and desperation of a handful of civil engineering majors, you still can. 

Introducing Edward 40mask, the new COVID-safe drinking game. Provided that groups still stay 6 feet apart and follow other density protocols, the game is completely COVID proof. Adapting the popular game Edward 40hands, students can now get blacked out in public while still following masking rules.

Originally, the game involved taping a forty to your hand until you finish it. By utilizing the mask to hold up the drink for you, convenience and drinking efficiency increase by 40%. With a few modifications to your everyday mask and a forty, you can now make going in public worth it again.

Research suggests that 9 out of 10 students prefer Edward 40mask to the original game. “It makes it easier to drink faster with the proximity of drink to your mouth.” says advocate, Darren Gast. Next time you plan a get together, consider Edward 40mask as a way to start having fun faster.

The few students against the change are making their voices heard. Luke Walding, a brother at Omega Nu Omega, is strongly against this replacement. “How am I supposed to talk to other people with a drink held against my mouth?” says Walding. In other words, Edward 40mask also has the added benefit of avoiding awkward flirting from a frat brother you don’t know.