Smart World Tapestry Taken Down After Lack of Socially Distanced Photos


One of The Institute’s correspondents was knocked off their feet by a strong blast of wind while walking by the Smart World site early Monday. After further investigation, the source of the gust was linked to construction crews removing the newly placed tapestry on the east facing side.

The tapestry, which was funded for the nominal sum of 1.6 million, was a hot destination for students missing their formal pictures from years prior. Unfortunately, this publicity ended up being the downfall for the paisley patterned bed sheet. Students were frequently caught posing with a less-than-sober look in their eye without masks and nearby others.

Investigation into the funding proposal revealed that WPI hired local pledges to design and paint the sheet. Gary Borhood, a local ΓΦT pledge, was commissioned due to experience with known works such as “Wine Night Formal.” It is unclear at this time just how many pledges lost their jobs as a result of the piece’s removal.