Foisie Name Stripped, But Digital Consciousness Remains


Many students were shocked today to see the face of WPI donor Robert Foisie on the propaganda screen of the [REDACTED] Innovation Studio. This comes following the news that Mr. Foisie’s name would be stripped from both the business school and innovation studio on Tech’s campus. However, it appears that his digital consciousness has taken over the building similar to Skynet of the Terminator franchise, wreaking havoc on students and employees alike. Pretzels have been burned, blenders have injured the smoothie employees, and the 3D printers are seemingly only able to print busts of the late Mr. Foisie. If this wasn’t enough, some have also reported a voice in the restroom stalls that whispers “innovation” and “kill your son” while doing your business.

Foisie’s takeover hasn’t been all negative though. Thanks to him, tech suites automatically lock in students who use them alone, robotics students actually have working robots at the end of the term, and with a lack of makerspace employees willing to work, you can just take the tools you need instead of doing three Canvas quizzes and eight card scans to use a screwdriver for 30 seconds.

While his name may have been redacted from everything WPI-related, he lives on as an artificial neural-network based conscious mind within the walls of the Innovation Studio.