Boston Tech Company “Not Looking For Anything Serious Right Now”


Every year, tens of companies venture to WPI to recruit the best of the best prospective employees, oftentimes providing graduating seniors with lifelong careers. With a 95% post-grad success rate, WPI students are usually in great standing when entering the job market for the first time. 

However, recent allegations about career fair attendee Moogle have sparked outrage and confusion amongst the WPI community. “Yeah, I got a promising email from a software dev company,” says senior Gary Phelgman, “… but in the follow up they said it was them, not me.” 

The Boston-based tech startup has reportedly been “totally ghosting” students across campus. “Moogle scheduled an interview with me” stated junior Becca Cabble, “and then stood me up! They said they were ‘seeing other prospects.’” 

As a result, some students have started to grow tired and cynical with the job search. One had this to say: “I was a ‘great fit’ for the position and they couldn’t wait to ‘take me back to their office’. Bull. Shit. I bet they use that line on everyone.” At press time, Moogle spam emails have continued to carpet-bomb student’s inboxes with false hope and deceit. Students have accused the company of “interviewing around” , “two-timing”,  and of being, “afraid of commencement”.

Others say that the company has unrealistic standards. Students cite company requirements to have 6 years of experience, 6 personal references, and to have a GPA over 3’8” as “just not possible” for the average recent college grad. “Resume size shouldn’t matter,” says Phelgman, “It’s how you use what you have that counts.”

Moogle has since released an official statement to quell the student backlash: “We really are just waiting for the right person. Until then, we’re not sure if we’re even looking for anything long-term. It’s just the first interview- we don’t owe you jobs or anything”.

Despite being affectionately dubbed, “The Shittiest Company on Earth,” by the rejects, Moogle still receives hundreds of desperate applications. We can only hope that one day Moogle will swipe right on its Computer Sci-ince Charming. Until then, unlike the resume in your reply, don’t get too attached.