Life At A Liberal Arts School: An Inside Look


As WPI students, our lives are a constant revolving door of projects, assignments, and stress. Our Outlook calendars look like the rustic brick siding of Stratton Hall had a baby with a disco floor. We have a jam-packed, 7 week non-stop rollercoaster of work with no brakes that students at other schools just don’t understand. 

As high school friends that become English majors complain about their crazy hard homework and schedules, I often find myself daydreaming about what my life would be like at a liberal arts school.

Let’s take a look!


8am- Wake up, smile, shower, go to class

9am- Sit in English class, everything makes sense!

10am – More class, its basic calculus, oh boy this one’s a toughy

11-1pm – Meetings for all the fun clubs I have time for

1pm- Super excited for lunch today, I not only have time to eat but I am going off campus

1-2pm – Oops took a longer lunch, but that’s ok, I’ll just push back my nap

2-5pm – Naptime, everything is happy, I might not get a job but at least I’m not depressed

5-6pm – Still a little sleepy, might have to grab some Starbucks, but honestly I don’t even need caffeine!

6-7pm – Time for golf practice, some people say it’s hard to play a sport and balance school- but I seem to be doing fine

7-8pm – My friends and I love to watch Master Chef Junior, it’s a weekly thing

8-10pm – These are my busy hours! Need to eat, shower (again), and even write a paragraph for my class on the cultural and societal impact of Post Malone

10-12am – Go to a WPI frat party to meet my future rich spouse, those nerds look so tired

12-1am – Head home and go to bed, I love being well rested


TLDR: Our schedules are awful but at least we are really stimulating our minds through project based learning. Layer un racoonst!