We Rank Lecture Halls From Least to Most Ass Sweat

  1. Foisie Innovation Studio

Bad mouth it all you want- the space age- polymer recliners and open floor plan do wonders for the love seat. Spend a 2 hour lecture in Foisie and leave as fresh and breezy as you came in. 

  1. Salisbury Labs

In addition to its calming greenhouse roof, Salisbury labs is also home to the WPI humanities & arts program. There is nothing to fear here, no sweating required. 

  1. Flupper

One missed step and it’s all over. The sharp 105 degree incline going up the Flupper steps is enough to make even Indiana Jones sweat. Not to mention, if you aren’t careful,  the soft cushy chairs can leave your pants looking like the reflection pool. 

  1. Flower (Fuller Lower for you uncultured fucks)

All of the logistical problems of Flupper in a compact, personal package. In Flower you can actually see your Professor’s chest hair. Way too close for comfort. 

  1. Olin Hall

Remember that physics class you took here freshman year? Wasn’t that fun? See- you’re sweating now just thinking about it.

  1. Atwater Kent 

Quite possibly the most popular hall on campus, AK’s high ranking is the result of a self-selecting sweaty kid pool. Home to the ECE and RBE programs, AK’s course material alone is enough to make you perspire.

  1. Stratton Hall

Class on the third floor and no elevator in sight? You might as well have class in a nuclear reactor. That’s on fire. In a volcano. On the sun.