Fraternity Man Picks Up Can


Sources reported Thursday that a local fraternity man, unprompted, picked up a can off the side of the road.

“Yeah, I saw it. He just walked over and picked it up. What a great guy.”, said Greg Gregson a witness to this heroic event.

“He didn’t even think anyone was watching”, said Cindy Smyth as her friends, with looks of adoration on their faces, sighed.

And we’re not talking about your standard Coca Cola can. No no, this was one of those big ass Arizona Iced Tea cans. The selflessness and dedication to service shown today put many to tears. This just goes to show that WPI Greek Life isn’t like others schools, here community service is at the forefront of all of our minds. This act of conscious environmentalism will solidify this local man as a role model for all fraternity men everywhere.

At press time the same local fraternity man was spotted picking up a wayward Dunks cup, several girls were seen fanning themselves, and litterers everywhere quaked in fear.