Senior Bucket List


It’s not like you actually have class as a second semester senior anyway. Here’s our bucket list to pass the time until that familiar white tent takes up the entire Quad. As a bonus, post your completed items as pictures to Instagram with the tag #makewpiLITagain to brag to your friends. Plus, the user with the most completed items will win a MegaFan shirt before graduation. Yes, these shirts are still sitting in our basement some 3 years later.

  1. Poop in the fountain hole
  2. Use the fountain as a bidet
  3. Stay in a tech suite one minute past the end time
  4. Ask that cute boy out you have always been dreaming of
  5. Get certified for the Washburn Labs
  6. Subsequently fuck in the Washburn Labs
  7. Get an STD in Washburn Labs (and leave it there?)
  8. Join a club that peaks your interest
  9. Cross a street using a crosswalk #CrossSafeWPI
  10. Walk for Fitness
  11. Drink in every lecture hall
  12. Finally tell your roommates how you REALLY feel about them
  13. Confess your love to that hunk of a professor (he’s a silver fox)
  14. Confess your love to that spicy TA
  15. Pull a senior prank
  16. Do things on the seal
  17. Seal a letter on the seal
  18. Pretend you are a seal on the seal
  19. Learn something new (HA!)
  20. Take a class that is not in your major
  21. Go skinny dipping in institute pond
  22. Think about skinny dipping in the reflection pool but hold yourself back cause its a memorial
  23. Get your buns out in the sun on the quad
  24. Reconnect with your freshman year hookups
  25. Tell them you’re pregnant
  26. And it’s theirs
  27. Finally do your inquiry seminar
  28. Finally tell your mqp advisor the Truth…
  29. Kiss gompei on the lips FINALLY
  30. Send something NSFW to WPI Crushes
  31. Cry about leaving
  32. Realize that you’re not actually sad about leaving
  33. Tell all your friends about the Institute
  34. Reread all the old Institute articles
  35. Donate to The Institute
  36. Streak across the Quad
  37. Flip off an administrator (the higher up the better)
  38. Take Hudson’s mini Tesla
  39. Go in the steam tunnels and set off all the alarms
  40. Join a frat/srat
  41. Haze your friends because you know you’ve always wanted to experience that a little bit
  42. Somehow screencast on to the Foisie Innovation Studio Impact Project Experience Screen
  43. Court a Worcester townie
  44. Pee off the bridge
  45. Throw up off the bridge
  46. Poop off the bridge
  47. Use the bridge as your bathroom for a day
  48. Plant a bunch of seeds/ flowers on the quad and fuck up years of careful gardening
  49. Go to a frat party, steal snacks, and go home
  50. Sign up for an intramural and take it too seriously
  51. Meal Prep?
  52. Sneak into DAKA for old times sake
  53. Beat Just Dance Kid at least once
  54. Get a job at the Goats Head, or just a job
  55. Blackout at the Goats Head
  56. Steal the Goats Head Trophy
  57. Break into Skull Tomb
  58. Realize it’s just a big ball pit
  59. Cut the line at Leit’s
  60. Leave Leit’s because Loft is better
  61. Use Shazam for musical bingo at the goat’s head
  62. Enter the WPI Rubix Cube Competition
  63. Actually go to the BSU Fashion Show (Saturday, March 23nd, 7pm-10pm)
  64. Be a part of the BSU Fashion Show
  65. Throw your underwear at Quinn XCII at Big Show
  66. Walk up on that stage, and get that diploma!
  67. Tickle Laurie’s hand as you get that diploma
  68. OR Get drunk and miss graduation
  69. Hug Fran, you’re going to miss her <3