10 Best Places at WPI to Take Tasteful Nudes


If there’s one thing every college student needs, its nudes. Not the scandal-inducing unprofessional ones, but tasteful, well-planned, immaculately posed nudes. It’s finals week folks and someone in your life may be in need of a pick me up, so we here at The Institute want to help you find the perfect location. Here are some of our personal favorites:

  1. The WPI Entrance Sign- Not only does this sign have great light, nothing screams WPI like taking a picture where Institute meets West. Post this baby on Facebook, your relatives will be so proud!

2. The Fishbowl Tech Suite- For all you exhibitionists out there, take some great pics while also giving the first floor of the library a bit of a show. After the dull day that they’ve had, the librarians will thank you.

3. Higgins House- After seeing all the great wedding photoshoots that have happened here, it’s no question that this is the place for all you classy nude folk

4. The CDC- Looking for a new LinkedIn photo? Nothing screams professionalism like a nude photo shoot in front of this building!

5. Admissions- Welcome future engineers to GoatNation by showing off all that WPI has to offer!

6. The Rec Center – The dance studios boast natural light, a great view of the WPI quad, and exercise mats that haven’t been cleaned for years – basically, all you can ask for.

7. The Seal – Run for your life after taking a daring selfie.

8. The Fountain – Can’t you picture it? The sun gleaming, the water glistening on your nude body! #nut

9. Auntie Anne’s – Take some pics, show off that pretzel dog!

10. Gompei- This one is self-explanatory, there is no better place than astride our honored mascot.