Forget UltraFans. Worcester Shirt Scientists Claim Breakthrough


T-shirt researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute are claiming that they have unlocked the next evolutionary step since WPI SuperFan and UltraFan shirts. Team lead, John Johnson cited the use of a new graphene weaving technique, a breakthrough application of CO2 lasers, and “Amazon’s damn good prices on screen printing kits.”

Featuring 5 breakthrough colors, 3 edgy slogans, and a print job that totally wasn’t done in an Institute editor’s garage, the shirts could potentially be the coolest shirt ever to reach the campus. Due to the chemically unstable nature of the garments, the team estimates that only 25 such examples can exist at any given time, making them approximately 10X as rare as the absurdly coveted UltraFans of the past.

The team plans to enter a public beta phase this weekend, releasing all shirts to the WPI public for absolutely free, and just in time for the holiday rush. Keep an close eye on The Institute Facebook page, for insider info on where you can find yours.

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