WPI to Add New “Intro to the East Coast” Class for West Coast Natives


According to library historian Ben Dover, there didn’t used to be a need for this sort of intro class. However, as WPI’s marketing and screen sizes grow larger, so does the reach of the university. Now, as much as 69% of students come to WPI from outside of the East Coast. With them, they bring a fear of snow and undertone of avocado toast bragging.

The first of its kind, EC 1001 will be mandatory for students hailing from outside New England. Students already familiar will have the option to test out of the class through the registrar. The testing includes the proper use of ‘wicked,’ ‘bubbler’ and ’pissah’ and a timed walk through 3 feet of artificial snow. A sample course and topic schedule was found on Canvas:


Topic Covered

Mar 11

In-N-Out Bragging: Do’s and Don’ts

Mar 18

Snow is Cold – and Why Your Sweatshirt Won’t Do the Trick

Mar 25

Walking Without Stopping – Constant Eye Contact with the Floor

Apr 1

Quinoa Withdrawals and Coping Strategies

Apr 8

How to Explain You Don’t Surf – Even Though You’re from Arizona

Apr 15

Avoiding Crosswalks at All Costs

Apr 22

Dunkin Donuts Etiquette – Making Your Order Sound Like One Long Word


By the looks of it, EC 1001 is here to stay! Beginning in C-term 2020, the course will be offered every A-term thereafter. Early registration starts soon and despite it being a mandatory class there aren’t enough seats for everyone, so jump on it quick! Continue to check in here at The Institute for further class updates.