Sophomore Tags Roommate in Odyssey Article; Saves Friendship


“I’m counting down the literal milliseconds until we’re reunited,” comments rising WPI sophomore Jess McDonald as she tags fellow student, Audrey Schwartz, in an article titled “An Open Letter to my Partner in Crime.”

Multiple sources have confirmed that although Schwartz has been her “literal soulmate” (commonly referred to as a roommate) for only 9 months, McDonald publicly refers to her as “my person.”

“I miss her so much, I don’t know how I was even alive before I met her,” the recently declared BME major told The Institute.

To save their friendship from the perils of separation anxiety and prove that they are still #RoomieGoals, McDonald turned to internationally renowned publication, The Odyssey Online –and she is not alone.

From Stodd-Squads to Morgan Hall Fams, many depend on the sophisticated college media outlet to depict just how much their roommates mean to them. By tagging friends in articles such as “10 Things That Happen When your Roommate is Your Best Friend,” McDonald has been able to regurgitate the words of another college student into a post which experts agree retains traces of originality and thoughtfulness.

“I just hope everyone can find a roommate that looks at them the way Audrey looks at me,” sighs McDonald, skimming her way through “9 Signs You and Your Roommate are Actually Dating.”

When contacted by The Institute, Schwartz was unable to comment due to the gaping hole in her life that “only her roommate could fill.”