First Friday Night to Follow Sunday Schedule


As WPI’s revolutionary seven week term system gets started, the administration has announced that Friday night, August 25th, will operate on a Sunday schedule. Freshmen are advised to conduct their typical Sunday night activities instead of roaming the streets in search of a parties.

The Institute spoke with some members of the class of 2021 to get their views on the news.

“I think it’s great! I can get started on my Physics 1111 homework sooner!” said Ronny Gladstone, RBE-CS-BME-ECE-XYZ ‘21. “Or better yet, graph the net gender ratio increase on a program I wrote for my TI-Nspire™!!”

“Dang it, I had my Fitbit charged and everything! Do you know how many steps I would have gotten walking up and down Dix Street looking for loud music?” said Melony Freed, trying to decide which oversized shirt to wear instead of her current crop-top.

Instead of wandering aimlessly in the freshman packs traditionally seen on the first Friday of every year, WPI encourages students to conduct their typical Sunday routines such as using all of your remaining meal swipes before they expire, playing way too many games of Cards Against WPI, or trying to unsubscribe from the frisbee alias.

“Yep, that’s definitely the schedule for tonight,” said Chad Toledo, Tau Iota Tau Risk Manager. “Nothing going on here tonight, no parties whatsoever,” as he quickly switched the music from Young Thug to a lecture capture from his engineering design class.