How To Land That First Year Internship


Today you have to go to the career fair, meet with your academic advisor for the first and last time ever, AND submit that physics lab report by midnight, stressful right? Our team here at The Institute will help you get through all of it and land that sweet first year internship that you’ve been dreaming of.

First up is prepping the night before. If you haven’t already started to do this you are probably screwed and shouldn’t even bother showing up tomorrow. Make a list of all the top places you could be putting that half finished degree to work at, it helps to try and aim for places you think won’t have long lines. Raytheon, Microsoft, and Boston Scientific should be at the top of your lists.

Next up is dressing the part. This year the Career Development Center will be stationing a newly hired Fashion and Uniform Cop (F.U.C) at the front door of the the Rec Center to make sure you look good enough to be let in. For guys, we recommend your dad’s oversized suit coat. Ladies, the skirt your roommate didn’t think was slutty enough last weekend is probably just long enough to be professional but still catch the attention of the fifty year old manager from the civil engineering company.

Finally you’re there. You made it into the Rec Center and you are sweating more than the kids who take gym class there every day. Make a beeline straight to the table of water bottles, drink a quarter of it and throw it out. Now head to your first company, the first thing you should tell them is that they are your number one company and your semester of calculus has prepared you for whatever job they have to offer. Your not one, but two terms as National Honor Society Treasurer will really stand out to them so make sure to force the senior behind you to wait an extra five minutes while you tell the employer how vital to the club you were.

Before you leave each table make sure to ask for their contact information and a koozie. Each table you go to will be looking for how much swag you have picked up so far. If you can score a pen that also acts as a stylus you’re in. As the fair winds down to an end and you leave the Rec Center, save each of those business cards you got and ditch recycling your name tag, you pay to go here right? Why give it back. Now comes the most important part, follow up follow up follow up. Those companies saw hundreds of people today and by sending an email, preferably with a signature that includes at least 5 clubs you are minorly involved in, will seal the deal.

Here at The Institute we aim to make the WPI Campus better and that starts with the reason we are all here. Teaching us to become a cog in the machine and just shut up and get a job at a massive corporation. Best of luck to you all and happy fairing.