4 Fun Ways to Visualize Your Soul-Crushing College Tuition!

Happy first day of class! Lots of memories to be made this year and lots of cash to be spent. But how much cash? The editors of The Institute wanted to put WPI’s $46,364 tuition into terms that our readers can relate with.

For example, instead of sitting in class scrolling through your Instagram feed, you could buy a Grumpy Cat sticker book every single minute for the same price. You’d soon have more cats than your great aunt Helga who lives sad and alone just like you will if you keep buying these books!

grumpy cats


For every 10 minutes in class, you could buy bottle after bottle of Absolut Apeach Swedish Grain Vodka to help you cope with the inadequacy of your group partner while still enjoying a hint of natural sweetness.


Or, better yet, for the low price of one hour in your 8AM with that professor you can’t understand, you could instead stuff your face with 13 Chipotle Chicken Burritos WITH GUAC (and maybe even some E. coli!) Imagine the jealousy on your classmates’ faces while they’re taking notes and you’re downing all those delicious burritos!


But of course, the college experience is about more than just class time. For those that prefer to think of the school year in a continuous sense, we leave you with this helpful little counter, where you can literally watch $46,364 tick away over the course of your year!

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So please, get out there and make the most of every precious cent.

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