8 Complaint Strategies for WPI Finals Week! You won’t believe #5!

As WPI finals week comes to a close, check out The Institute’s hottest tips for complaining about finals. How many of these tips are you using?


1. Prioritize

During finals week, it’s important to prioritize your activities. Activities like socializing, sleeping and studying may have to take a backseat role as you focus your time and energy on complaining.


2. Choose a Good Location

Find places that you complain in best. Some people prefer the library, while others are perfectly fine in their dorm room.


3. Know Your Strengths

Some people complain best in groups while others prefer to complain alone. Regardless, building off your strengths can help you take your complaints to the next level.


4. Stay Organized

Make complaint sheets and check off complaints as you use them.

5. Practice

Hit up common rooms or the Campus Center to bounce your complaints off of others and really refine your distaste.


6. Don’t Cram

If you wait until the last minute to start complaining, you won’t be nearly as productive as if you had started whining your ass off two weeks ago.


7. Eat a Good Breakfast

Brain scientists agree that eating a balanced breakfast will help to keep your complaints sharp and potent.


8. Delegate Responsibilities

Avoid taking responsibility for your grades at all costs. No matter what anyone says, it is your professor’s fault for not teaching you, or your group members fault for letting you down. As a last resort, you can always blame it on the 7-week terms.

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