WPI Student Realizes He Is Simply Not Cool Enough for Spring Break


After vacationing in Cancún this past week, WPI student Greg Johnson reported that he had come to the conclusion that he simply is not cool enough for spring break. After being assured by his roommates that it “wouldn’t be awkward at all” if he joined in on their trip, Johnson reportedly began having misgivings immediately after stepping off the plane. “I think it really hit me when I was at the pool bar, trying to talk to some girls from the University of Alabama. They just didn’t seem interested in my game design MQP,” he reported regretfully.

Sources confirmed that Johnson looked utterly out of place as he sipped on a Piña Colada amongst a crowd of “much cooler looking” partiers. “I tried to make a tank top out of one of my WPI superfan shirts, but I just don’t think it had the intended effect.”

At press time, Johnson was seen creeping back to his hotel room to check myWPI for any D-term assignments he could get a head start on.

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