A Freshman’s Guide to DAKA Hacks


The Institute staff compiled this list of 10 essential tips and tricks to help you survive your first year in dining hall paradise.

1. Stack everything.

Cups, cookies, chairs, tables, RAs

2. Use the Orange Passion Fruit Guava juice as a mixer for day-drinking

Tasting notes: skittles, passion, 3 week old cream cheese. Pairs well with UV Blue, Dragonberry Bacardi, or Malibu

3. Ask the smoothie station for a ‘MyWPI Tai’

It helps ease the pain of losing our dearly-beloved Blackboard

4. Save your table with an old copy of “The Towers”

Nobody will want to go near it

5. Take your significant other on a date there to make it “DAKA official”

Plenty of people jump right into relationships as freshmen, but only the DAKA official ones have a chance of making past Thanksgiving.

6. Mark your calendars for DAKA Halloween

Don’t want to miss the Jack O’lantern puking up Guac

7. Ok for this one, you’re gonna wanna bring along a small pick axe and 3 blue M+M’s. Head over the to the grill, find Jeff. You’ll know him when you see him. Ask him to whip you up steak and cheese with a fried egg and a side of good old fashioned adventure. He’ll know what that means. When he hands you the sandwich, look under the plate, and you’ll find a treasure map. You know the deal: X marks the spot! Follow the map to the marked wall in Higgins Gardens (What did you honestly think those were for anyway?!). Use your pickaxe to remove the fourteenth brick on the third row up to reveal an old, brass key. Make your way to the bottom floor of the library and unlock the door to the WPI archives. Find the original copy of the Worcester Tech charter, and use lemon juice and a hairdryer to reveal the message written in invisible ink about a certain willow tree in Institute Park. Go to that tree and feed the resident squirrel with the three blue M+M’s you brought along. He will give you the prize you’ve been looking for: a punchline.  

The sweet old lady at the front desk will wish you good luck as you head out on your journey.

8. Accidentally walk out with at least 20 cups. We all make mistakes!

Save them for fraternity rush. Trust us, behind any great bid is a whole lot of DAKA cups.

9. Find the answers to your Calc 3 test at the bottom of the mustard container

Legend has it that many have tried and failed.

10. Lastly, call it DAKA to your CA’s

They know it’s true.