Foisie Takes Drastic Measures to Give IMGD Majors Showers


Early Monday morning, The Institute staff were notified of the IMGD showering system being enabled by Foisie custodians.

The system, which was slated to be turned on in conjunction with the studio’s opening, faced initial delays. “Odor detecting” sensors in the ceiling had to be fine tuned to IMGD specific frequencies in order for the system to work correctly. Since this issue was resolved, all students with a body odor of 8.7 or above will be doused with water while walking under certain zones in the Foisie Innovation Studio.

There seemed to be some confusion amongst students, with some thinking the showering system was merely a “pipeline leak” rather than a planned feature. Front desk employees reassured The Institute staff that it was in fact the intended design, citing a flawless construction record in the past. A leaked slide deck regarding the design was sent in anonymously, confirming the intentions of the architect.

Foisie building plan with showering points highlighted
Leaked slide

While plenty of praise has been given to the clever building feature, Foisie’s design has also received some negative attention. One IMGD students who wished to remain unnamed reported feeling “absolutely devastated”, with a 10 week streak of non-showering being broken with no prior warning. In another instance, a student reported losses of $12,390 when the system sprayed soapy water on 3 textbooks, ruining them on contact.

The weeks following should prove interesting, as the shower system is further fine tuned. Of course, check in with The Institute for further updates.