Foisie Innovation Studio Plans Unveiled, Just Robotics Lab with Beds


The great institution of WPI was the first school in the nation to offer a bachelor’s degree program in Robotics Engineering. Needless to say, WPI is committed to providing practical education to the next generation of robotics engineers. In May of 2015, plans were announced to rip down the beautiful and historic Alumni Gym in order to build the Innovation Studio, ambitiously set to open in the fall of 2017.

“The gym was an eye sore and wasn’t being used,” explained the Trustee heading the project, “what WPI really needs is an area where students will feel comfortable staying for 20 – 80 hours consecutively to work on their latest project.”

A detailed look at the building is set to be shown in weeks to come but officials on the inside have informed The Institute that the designers are finding innovative ways to keep people working harder and socializing less. “We are already in search of beds and kitchenettes to put alongside the robotics tables so there is never a need to leave,” the lead industrial designer declared,  “Windows, TV’s, and even clocks are being scrapped from the plans in order to eliminate any potential distractions that could take the innovator away from his creation.”

“I envision this studio becoming the hub of campus nightlife for years to come,” exclaimed the project’s architect, “Imagine a place with nothing but eating, sleeping, and innovating.”

“WPI has some of the greatest minds in the Central Massachusetts area. Every moment that they are outside enjoying the sunlight or talking with others they are missing precious time that they could be using to get WPI more patents and awards.” the Dean of Robotics said.
While the final specifics of this project are still uncertain, it is clear that WPI will be stepping up as a national leader in innovation in years to come.

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