Junior Sets Record! Complains About ID 2050 for 2 Weeks Straight!


Sources reported last week that WPI junior, Ashleigh Johnson, officially smashed the world record for longest ID 2050 complaint session by ranting ceaselessly for 325.3 hours straight. In a feat of unrivaled stamina, her complaints flew day and night, but finally ended after two weeks when Johnson showed some excitement over being able to legally drink excessive amounts of alcohol in a foreign country.

Previous record holder, Greg Smith, set the bar in 2010, by complaining for 172.8 hours, a feat which remained unchallenged for nearly a decade.

Johnson commented on her achievement saying, “I really want to thank my parents for paying for my trip, my friends for giving me someone to complain too, my advisor for being an asshole, and my groupmates for being fucking lazy and incompetent. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!”

Johnson’s tirade included topics such as “spending 25 hours a week in Tech Suites,” “not knowing how to cite a Wikipedia article,” and “advisors that can’t agree on a single goddamn thing.”

After certifying the new record, the Guinness Book of World Records informed The Institute that Johnson simultaneously broke the record for “most friends lost over a two week span of time.”

At press time, Johnson could be heard loudly explaining to her friends how her IQP is going to change the world while her other group members actually worked on the project.