Skull Embroiders “Exclusive” on Ribbons; Clears up Confusion


Facing concerns that their secret society wasn’t achieving high enough levels of attention, members of WPI’s senior honor society, The Skull, announced their initiative to increase their campus wide recognition by embroidering the word ‘exclusive’ on the yellow ribbons worn by their new members.

The ribbons, a “cherished tradition” and “totally voluntary” part of the initiation process, have lost their pizazz in recent years, according to a Skull alumnus whose identity must remain cloaked in mystery, particularly on their public website.

The Institute spoke with Skull members, Mary Finkinson and Mark Wetting, whose self-worth has reportedly skyrocketed since getting tapped for the society last B Term.

“With the prevalence of striped SAS Rugby’s and CA Visors, there was some debate as to whether our organization had the most in-your-face apparel,” explained Wetting.

“Come B term, we plan to squash that argument before it even begins,” added Finkinson, subtly adjusting her white beanie.

This news comes after a recent study found that 43% of campus was under the impression that the organization was actually a club for Harry Potter death eater cosplay enthusiasts and confused sailors.

“When Skull had those old ribbons, I sometimes had doubts about whether they were the shit or not,” reported local student Gary Craig. “But these new ones totally clear that up!”

“Back in high school when I was National Honor Society president, I didn’t think things could get much more prestigious, but boy was I wrong!” remarked junior and Skull hopeful Chad Toledo.

At press time, cloaked skull members were seen hammered, hammering a neon sign above the Tomb roof reading, “Mysterious Secret Lair.”