Valentine’s Dating Guide

Binary string making a heart

It’s been quite the year. Being stuck inside surrounded by popcorn bowls as Netflix asks if you’re ‘still watching’ for days on end has led to students getting stir crazy. TI is hoping to spark some romance this Valentine’s season with some handy tricks and tips for finding a spark amidst all the cold Worcester snow. 

  1. Share a swab with that special someone, hope to get quarantined together.
  2. Mask up, but don’t mask your feelings for your cute MQP partner.
  3. Tell someone you’ve got to take their temperature because they’re looking extra hot today.
  4. Laugh at people cross country skiing in Elm Park with a crush.
  5. Create a lube that smells like a sweaty gym locker room sure to get any athlete in the mood.
  6. Casually trip over-ambitious winter runners to try to impress onlookers.
  7. For the CS majors of the crowd, flirt on your Discord server. This is heads over heels better than the traditional grunting heard in the zoo lab.
  8. Change your Zoom background to a fume hood for a CHE major, cause you got some chemistry baby.
  9. Gifts for IMGD students: perfume/cologne.
  10. For all the RBE majors out there, make sure to buy your special friend some motor oil to keep its servos lubricated all night.
  11. Tell the one other biochem major that you’re the only option.
  12. Explain to that ME crush that you’d like to put some friction equations to the test.
  13. Write a complex equation to express yourself to that math major you’ve been losing sleep over. But please, keep it tasteful.
  14. Tell your soft-eng group partner the class isn’t the only thing that’s hard.
  15. If you’re chasing a business major, get them some coloring books. Make sure to stay nice when they accidentally color outside the lines.
  16. Ask that Aero major why they’re so fly 😍
  17. Tell the ME major you’d like to concentric mate.
  18. Tell the Civil major to stop playing with dirt and get down and dirty.
  19. Get some CPR practice in with an EMS wannabe.
  20. If you’re in a frat, god help you cause lord knows you’re unable to hold a normal conversation sober.