WPI Mom Rejoices that Son “Basically Invented” Heart Tissue


After news of a WPI scientific breakthrough flooded the internet earlier this week, local Worcester resident Barbara Baker quickly took to Facebook to share the post, and express her excitement that her son now attends the same school as the famous bloody spinach leaf.

“This is a testament to what WPI students are truly capable of,” Barbara told The Institute, wiping tears from her eyes. “I’m just so proud of what my little Jimmy is accomplishing in just a few short months at WPI,” said Baker of her son, a freshman biomedical engineering major who recently scraped by Calculus II.

“Ya know, I’ve been telling Jimmy for years that spinach is a superfood. This just goes to show you,” remarked Baker, sipping coffee out of her favorite Gompei mug.

When asked, Jimmy said he originally noticed the article when his mom tagged him in it, and swore he would “definitely give it a look” as soon as he finished the new season of Shameless.

At press time Jimmy’s dad was seen hunched over his laptop submitting Jimmy’s 2017 FAFSA, mumbling that “he better be making spaceships out of kale by next year.”

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